Kefir: The Real Truth About Kefir And A Better Lifestyle

Published: 01st May 2009
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The simplest and cheapest way to a healthy lifestyle is knowledge only a chosen few know and, used properly in life, will save you a considerable amount of money each year. You don't have to spend money to get a nutritionist, no more unneeded spending on supplements and definitely no more need to spend money on tons of other "tricks" to make you healthy.

In all honesty, there are a lot of ways of living a healthy lifestyle. But while some can literally burden you financially, I found one that costs less than $50 dollars and will last you forever.
Hard to believe right? Just like I thought, until I got my hands on it and gave it a try. I became a believer overnight.

To spill the beans, this knowledge that I have been talking about is called Kefir. A cultured milk drink that has been around for centuries, originating from Kefir grains mixed with milk. By drinking kefir everyday, you are already gaining the benefits from it's rich collection of vitamins, minerals and healthy bacteria.

Kefir is like yogurt because they both have good bacteria which cleans your insides and maintains your bodily functions thus making you feel so much better. But I highly recommend kefir over yogurt because it has more complex selections of good bacteria which means you will get the complete benefits of probiotics.

And since kefir grains already give you so much benefits, you also get the full benefits of other food that you mix in like vegetables and fruits. This gets absorbed fast by the body and surely gives you that boost of energy you need.

Kefir is also known as a miracle food because it is used to prevent and cure many kinds of diseases. Some health problems like ulcers, skin allergies, diabetes and high blood pressure have been proven to be regulated, if not completely cured, by kefir.

I talked about kefir being the cheapest way to a healthy lifestyle so I have to tell you how to make it.

Although there are a lot of ways to making kefir, let's look at the most basic one. First of all, you have to get kefir grains from a reliable source. Add the kefir grains to room temperature milk. Don't cover too tightly though and leave it for about 18 hours.After the waiting period, you strain out the kefir grains and you can now drink your new batch of refreshing kefir.

So how does that make kefir an inexpensive way to a healthier lifestlyle? It's because you can reuse the grains, over and over to make endless amounts of kefir. They multiply too so you can give out some to your friends. This virtually lasts a lifetime which makes this very, very cheap. Buying kefir grains gives you more flexibility for your budget so you can eliminate useless purchases and do what you really want with your money. So it's up to you now, be healthier than ever before or just continue to burn your money on products that don't even deserve to be bought?

Ceena G. is an entrepreneur dedicated to helping you learn about nutrition and succeed in designing your lifestyle. Her new site, Your Kefir Source, talks about Kefir and Kefir Grains, and also donates proceeds to charity, just launched. Read more about Kefir at

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